Iwakuni, Kintaikyo-Bridge sightseeing bus

Course introduction, time schedule

One-day Sightseeing Course Around Iwakuni Kintaikyo BridgeWith with staff, lunch

It is a 1 day tour of Kintaikyo-Bridge,the Iwakuni catsle town and Murashige Sake Brewery from Hiroshima Station.
Please try and taste "Iwakuni-Zushi" as lunch!
Route map

Wooden construction bridge Kintaikyo-Bridge on behalf of Japan where five arches are beautiful! We can enjoy Iwakuni Castle and castle town walk!

Time schedule
The departure time
Hiroshima Shinkansen Entrance
9:40 departure/
The time required
About 7 hours 20 minutes

9:40 departure

Hiroshima Sta. Shinkansen Entrance

10:20-10:40 toilet break ~ Miyajima view

Kintaikyo-Bridge bus center 11:10 arrival



Getting off sightseeing


shiratame annex (Iwakuni-zushi set)




Kintaikyo-Bridge (cross the bridge) ・
Ropeway, Iwakuni Castle

Free time

Kintaikyo-Bridge bus center 14:30 departure



Murashige Sake Brewery
Visit to sake brewery, sampling experience, shopping

17:00 arrival

Hiroshima Sta. Shinkansen Entrance


Kintaikyo-Bridge is one of the three famous bridges and the representative wooden bridge in japan. In 1673,Kikkawa Hiroyoshi,the third lord of the Iwakuni Domain,built the bridge in its present-day form. The main structure consisting of five arches of this bridge were put woods together without iron nail. According to the name of "Nishiki", we can enjoy scenery which is full of seasonal colors.

Kintaikyo-Bridge (cross the bridge), ropeway
・Iwakuni Castle

Iwakuni Castle

Iwakuni Castle

Iwakuni Castle

If the weather is clear, we can overlook Kintaikyo-Bridge,castle town and islands of Seto Inland Sea from Iwakuni Castle tower.


To Iwakuni Castle at the mountaintop
Including tickets of the ropeway and admission fee of Iwakuni Catsle! ※Volunteer guide is guided to ropeway

Murashige Sake Brewery

Murashige Sake Brewery

With visit to sake brewery & sampling experience! Sake brewery "Murashige Sake Brewery" which represents Iwakuni known for "gold crown Kuromatsu" "Kusaka incomparableness."
We devote ourselves to sake brewer who made use of homemade good point in motto with the quality first. "Large sugitama" at entrance is symbol of storehouse.

Here of this course is recommended!
We guide in bus "Maple Trip" for exclusive use of periodical sightseeing.

Maple Trip?

The appearance is expression with sticker by Hiroshima-jo Castle and Atomic-Bomb Dome, illustration of Iwao island Shinto shrine to base with red that assumed Hiroshima Carp and Iwao Island Shrine image. The inside of car is based on red like the appearance, too, prefectural flower of Hiroshima•It was prefectural Thu and adopted original marshmallow design sheet of "maple" pattern.

Vehicle type

Large reserved bus type


Two lines of +2 line placement (five seats of tails locate) 45 seats in total

Maple Trip inside of car image

Please try and taste "Iwakuni-Zushi" as lunch!


It is oshi-zushi got close to as local cuisine of Iwakuni. There is theory that preservation food that Hiroie Kikkawa of Iwakuni feudal clan first generation feudal lord let you make for battle spread to townsman and is said to be another name "lord sushi".
We put several levels of ingredients such as lotus root or shiitake, shredded omelet made specially in hometown on sushi meal in wooden frame and we cut by one portion into pieces and are offered. It is characterized by gorgeous appearance such as chirashi-sushi, and it is traditional dish which is indispensable to Sun of a person's gathering swelling in Iwakuni.

Tourist attraction around Iwakuni, the Kintaikyo-Bridge

Kintaikyo-Bridge outskirts MAP

Iwakuni White Snake Museum, Iwakuni art museum, Kikkawa museum have discount privilege!

Iwakuni White Snake Museum

Iwakuni White Snake Museum

Iwakuni White Snake Museum

  White snake which attracts people with mysterious figure beautifully called eyes such as ruby which is red to body shiny white. We were concentrated in Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi from the old days and inhabited and have been worshiped as "errand of God". It is said that there is benefit of good luck, luck with money and is protected carefully.
We can learn about history and the living body happily while seeing white snake close in hall of white snake in ropeway platform "Sanroku Station" side.

Iwakuni art museum

Iwakuni art museum

  Japanese superior traditional culture, work of art and Iwakuni art museum which conveys rich spirituality which the traditional culture brought up.
  "Culture of life and death" introduces in holding which cannot consider various culture that colored life of samurai family any place other than work of art which colored life of samurai family as "display seasonally particularly" more as "culture of life" and Iwakuni art museum with arms which samurais from the age of civil strife to the late Tokugawa period had.

Kikkawa museum

Kikkawa museum

  It stores appointed history information and art craft, about 7,000 points and releases to Kikkawa family with history of 800 years on important cultural property of transmitted country by quarterly display substitute sequentially.
  We spread white gravel of Awaji all, and garden where we arranged the stone stage of black granite stone for was made in the image of "fine presence flower biography" of Zeami. From lobby fitted with glass all-out, you can enjoy seasonal nature which assumed virgin forest and Iwakuni Castle of chinquapin of Shiroyama making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden.

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5,000 yen (12 years and over)
3,000 yen (6~12 years old)

※With lunch (Iwakuni-zushi set), Kintaikyo-Bridge (cross the bridge), ropeway, Iwakuni Castle admission ticket
<there is Iwakuni art museum, Iwakuni White Snake Museum, Kikkawa museum discount privilege>


  • ● Please wear seat belt during ride by all means.
  • ● We stop or may cancel service by our judgment at the time of wind and rain, rain, thunderstorm and others bad weather affecting safe service.
  • ● Plan may be mixed up by traffic condition to road map in arrival time of mention.
  • ● As person in charge or volunteer guide will guide the meeting time, meeting place when we get off other than mention on "bookmark" to hand at the time of ride at sightseeing spot, please gather at meeting place by all means by time. When he/she does not come back by time, we may leave earlier.

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The departure time Hiroshima Sta. Shinkansen Entrance 9:40 departure

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