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About sightseeing tour bus "Takehara, Okunoshima sightseeing bus" new service

 Thank you for always using Chugoku JR Bus.

 Well, we start service in sightseeing bus binding popular spot that is global from Hiroshima Sta. which is doorway of Hiroshima as "small Kyoto of Aki" and "Takehara" that call, and has calm taste and "rabbit island" and "Okunoshima" where it was together from Tuesday, October 1, 2019.


1 line name

  Takehara, Okunoshima sightseeing bus

2 service sections

  Hiroshima Sta. Shinkansen Entrance ~ Takehara (cityscape preservation district) ~ Okunoshima (we use ferry from Tadanoumi port) ~ Hiroshima Sta. Shinkansen Entrance

3 fares

  Adult 5,000 yen

  Child (under 6 years or older 12 years old) 3,000 yen

  ※"Cityscape travel coupon" which can enter includes bamboo work experience charges, ferry charges in the fare mentioned above to boil all the paid culture facilities in preservation district at the same level as Takehara-cho.

  ※For free lunch plan, please note that you do not offer lunch.

4 service starting dates

  Tuesday, October 1, 2019

5 reservations

  Chugoku JR Bus telephone reservation center: 0570-666-012


  To departure orainetto (web reservation)

6 inquiries

  Chugoku JR Bus customer center: To 0570-010-666

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