News release

20.09.23 Announcement of October 1 time schedule revision of general carryall
20.09.11 Announcement of part of loop bus Hiroshima Meipuru-pu service resumption
20.09.10 About service of high-speed route bus (September 10 update)
20.09.10 About refund method of attending school commuter pass accompanied with influence of new coronavirus
20.09.09 About "Hiroshima ~ Kure Line" (Clare line) time schedule revision [correction]
20.09.04 About review of "Hiroshima ~ Hiroshima University Line" (green phoenix) diamond and fare revision
20.08.27 About highway bus "Izumo, Matsue ~ Tokyo Line" (susanoo) change that is in service form
20.08.26 Announcement of business hours change of Hiroshima Sta. Shinkansen Entrance Bus ticket counter automatic ticket machine (August 26 update)
20.08.24 About time schedule revision of Airport Limousine Bus "Hiroshima ~ Hiroshima Airport Line" (Hiroshima limousine)
20.08.20 About durability substitute of highway bus "Yamaguchi, Ube ~ Fukuoka Line" (Fukuoka, Yamaguchi liner) charge service
20.08.20 About accommodation combination plan targeted for highway bus "Izumo, Matsue ~ Kobe Line" (port lake) Go To travel business
20.07.31 About admission to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
20.07.20 About the business reopening of "sightseeing empty-handed from Hiroshima Sta." service
20.07.01 About conduct of "bus inside of car accident prevention campaign"
20.06.26 About the service reopening of sightseeing bus
20.05.19 About extension of Japan Expressway Bus Net "favorite line service" point validity
20.04.27 About suspension of Airport Limousine Bus "Saijo Sta. north entrance ~ Hiroshima Airport Line" (Saijo airport limousine)
20.04.12 About revelation of new coronavirus infection of customer of our bus ride
20.04.06 About Yamaguchi Sta. bus ticket office business hours change
20.03.10 About durability substitute of highway bus "Hiroshima ~ Hamada line" (isaribi) charge service