In ride (is common)

What kind of site is this site?

Our site is site that Chinese JR bus runs. We guide information such as highway bus, route bus, sightseeing tour bus, Airport Limousine Bus, reserved bus which Chinese JR bus operates.

Are you doing approach to security?

We act as construction of safe culture, promotion of safety management, improvement of education instruction to provide high-quality transport service for security, relief from hard soft both sides. Please confirm in Click here for more information.

Please tell distinction between "adult" and fare, rate of "child"?
12 years and over
(primary schoolchild is "child" in 12 years and over)
Adult fare
Under 6 years old - 12 years old
("infant" before elementary school entrance to school at 6 years or older)
Child fare
Under 1 year old - 6 years old It is free per one companion of adult or child
Independent ride of infant is child fare
Under 1 year old No charge
  • ※When it is taken bus (highway bus) of seat reservation system or seat capacity system, infants, babies under 6 are expected to pay child fare when they use seat alone.
Can we bring in big baggage?

Please confirm about baggage which is available for carry-on here. As baggage space (trunks) is limited, big baggage may be not accepted. Customers having big baggage increase, and the situation that we cannot load baggage which was come to have onto occurs recently. About baggage you have, we would appreciate your minimizing.

  • ※One (grand total of length less than 1m, weight 10kg, the capacity less than 0.027m3) of visitor per person is best.

fuku + depth + height ⇒ less than 100cm

++ ③⇒ less than 100cm

Can we bring in pet?

You can take storage case in state that you offered only for diurnal flight.

  • ※It is necessary for the sum of length, side, height to be able to almost enter storage case for exclusive use of less than 90cm pet 1.
  • ※Kind of fierce animal and snake is excluded 2.

But when other customers come to trouble by providing from cry, bad smell, storage case during service, to trunk room may have move or stop over. We do not refund ticket when it was stopped over.
In addition, person with a physical disability assistance dog can take regardless of diurnal flight, redeye special.

Only as for the diurnal flight (except Okayama ⇔ Yonago, Izumo)

Only as for the diurnal flight, it is fuku + depth + height ⇒ less than 90cm (except Okayama ⇔ Yonago, Matsue, Izumo)

++ ③⇒ less than 90cm

Where can I have various certificates (delay proof)?

As crew distributes delay certificate in the bus inside of car, please order on the spot. In addition, we issue distance certificate and section certificate in our branch, office. Please confirm in Click here for more information.

With wheelchair can take?

As you help at the time of the getting on and off in the case of ride with wheelchair, please contact customer center (0570-010-666) by the day before.
In addition, in the case of the use, please inform of highway bus to customer center. Including joint service company, we contact related branch, office and help at the time of ride.
In addition, please use bus with body front and lateral "wheelchair" mark (the chart below) by all means as you push forward introduction of low-chassis bus of non-step one grade corresponding to the getting on and off of wheelchair sequentially.

The "wheelchair" mark front side

Is the inside of car non-smoking?

Smoking is prohibited in the bus inside of car. Please refrain from cigarette.

Are eating and drinking in the car possible?

Carry-on of food and drink to the bus inside of car is possible.
About smells of food and drink, I would like consideration to customer of the circumference.

About smells of food and drink, I would like consideration to customer of the circumference.

When bus delays, what will happen?

Please note that arrival to destination may be largely late by traffic condition and weather condition. In addition, we do not refund ticket by delay. In addition, we cannot compensate for connected other means of transportation or accommodations where you were arranged.

When I leave a thing, what should I do?