About bus seat

Three lines sheet (new cradle seat)
Two lines sheet (super seat)
Three lines sheet
Three lines sheet
Four lines sheet
Four lines sheet
Seat fuku
Up to 136 degrees + tilt function
Up to 146 degrees
Up to 136 degrees

About women-only seat

We meet request from female guests!
There is no woman/additional charge need even in night coach by all means at reliable/neighboring seat
  • The Internet reservation is possible
  • Advance reservations required

In response to request from female guests, even night coach offers women-only seat of relief.
It is woman by all means at seat neighboring in women-only one! Please relax in peace.
There is no need in additional charge! We can take just to make a reservation beforehand. We can easily make a reservation from the Internet! As number includes limit, to hasten!

About the use

About the use

In the case of making a reservation, please choose women-only seat in highway bus reservation, the purchase site.
In the case of making a reservation, customer making a reservation on the telephone, please order to operator.
In addition, it is limited to the number of seats, and please note.

  • ※Setting of women-only seat varies according to lines.