The highway bus line details

With Hiroshima ⇒ IzumoNoon medium ※Under decrease of flights service

  • Reservation is necessary
  • Reserved seat
  • Diurnal
  • The time, flight number
  • Fare
  • Bus information

Flight number

Bus stop

The 101st flight (limited express) 103 flights The 105th flight (limited express) 107 flights The 109th flight (limited express)
Hiroshima Sta. Shinkansen Entrance 7:45 9:00 10:45 12:25 13:40
Hiroshima Bus Center 8:00 9:15 11:00 12:40 13:55
Otsuka Station 8:12 9:27 11:12 12:52 14:07
Miyoshi Inter 10:41 14:06
Roadside Station takano 11:13 14:38
tataraba 1 10:11 11:34 13:11 14:59 16:06
Shimokumatani bus center 10:30 11:53 13:30 15:18 16:25
Izumoshi Sta. (the third Ride bus stop) 10:59 12:22 13:59 15:47 16:54

Flight number

Bus stop

111 flights The 113th flight (limited express) 115 flights The 117th flight (limited express)
Hiroshima Sta. Shinkansen Entrance 15:25 16:40 17:25 19:15
Hiroshima Bus Center 15:40 16:55 17:45 19:30
Otsuka Station 15:52 17:07 17:57 19:42
Miyoshi Inter 17:06 19:11
Roadside Station takano 17:38 19:43
tataraba 1 17:59 19:06 20:04 21:41
Shimokumatani bus center 18:18 19:25 20:23 22:00
Izumoshi Sta. (the third Ride bus stop) 18:47 19:54 20:52 22:29


Under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease, it is during decrease of flights service until August 6, 2020.
Timetable during decrease of flights service, please identify the following.
・Timetable of from July 23, 2020 to August 6

  • Adult fare
  • Student fare

About discount

Coupon finished sale on September 30, 2019.
(your coupon is available until expiration date of face of a bill mention)
It becomes effective only for the getting on and off in the Hiroshima prefecture (Hiroshima Sta. Shinkansen Entrance ~ Roadside Station takano) about application of mental patient discount.


※Bus to use starts reservation, sale from 5:00 a.m. one day a month before one of Sun departing from the first bus stop.
※Child fare is half price of adult fare.
※"We go", and validity of round-trip reduced fare ticket is seven days than no ride Sun.
※Section which making a reservation is available for is (Hiroshima Sta. Shinkansen Entrance ~ Roadside Station takano) ⇔ (tataraba 1 ~ Izumoshi Sta.).

☆Precaution of Japan Bus Online settlement service
Designated flight and change last letter which we purchased can handle change of ride service after the settlement only for the whole together on WEB during reservation reception desk period. It is *shita sai in this about reservation reception desk period of each flight. ⇒Reservation reception desk period
When it is past reservation reception desk time limit, we cannot change flight. You are going to take after refund in Bus ticket counter once and purchase ticket of flight, or you are going to take and receive "fujoshomeisho" from crew of flight, and please take in cash. (when it is full, I may decline ride. Thank you for your understanding beforehand)



Seat layout

※We can confirm with big image when we click.

Seat layout

Facilities introduction

  • Four lines sheet
  • Three lines sheet
  • Two lines sheet
  • Restroom
  • Rug
  • Footrest
  • Leg rest
  • Women-only seat
  • Reading light
  • TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Outlet
  • Slippers
  • Private car ten
  • Standard seat of four lines of placementStandard seat of four lines of placement
  • We relax with reclining seat♪We relax with reclining seat♪

Service service information


※The bus last line is five lines.
※It may become service by different vehicle on account of the operation. Thank you for your understanding.

It is joint service of Chinese JR bus, one field bus.
Voluntary insurance is interpersonal compensation no limit.
Please confirm service company every flight in "flight information".

For the infectious disease prevention, we stop use of the first row and BC seat until construction of antibacterial antivirus processing is completed.


  • About news method when highway bus is suspended by weather condition, accident
    ・E-mail address is registered as Japan Expressway Bus Net WEB site member, and reservation, customer who purchased will tell by email in the site.
    ・Phone number is registered in Japan Bus Online, and reservation, customer who purchased will tell by short email in the site.
      (only as for the email which phone number that was available for reception was registered with short at the time of sign-in)
    ※We may not deliver news email including case that suspension decided just before the departure in a hurry.
    ※We perform contact in case of suspension to customer only by email and do not perform contact over telephone.
    ※In addition, we will tell on our homepage.

The Internet reservation

※We move to highway bus reservation, the purchase site "departure o ~ rye net" which studio runs.

Telephone reservation and inquiry

Telephone reservation (navigator dial)

Chugoku JR Bus telephone reservation center 0570-666-012

[available time] 9:30-18:00