Voice of customer

Our company receives opinion, request that I received from customer and wants to aim at improvement of service.
This page publishes main approach improved for "voice of customer" that we had.
We cannot publish all "voices of customer", but it is sincere and takes opinions that we had and will work towards motor carrier which you can choose as customer.

Voice of customer

Business that is targeted for opinion : Airport Limousine Bus, sightseeing tour bus, reserved bus, route bus, highway bus
About bus antivirus sanitization processing in the car

"JR bus had broadcast on TV the other day when the inside of car was antibacterially treated,
Antibacteria in detail what kind of in meaning having been a little well incomprehensible on TV
We want you to tell whether it is effective.
We want to refer to in future when we use highway bus."
We had inquiry called this.

Contribution Sun
Improvement, correspondence

Publication Sun 2020/07/22
Business that is targeted for opinion : Request, highway bus
About ventilation of the highway bus inside of car

We plan the use of highway bus.
For the new coronavirus infection prevention, seat on the front row and the aisle side is not sold,
You ventilate by method such as opening window of the highway bus inside of car, and can you not prevent?

Contribution Sun 2020/06/01
Improvement, correspondence

Thank you very much for using Chugoku JR Bus as always.
In addition, in the customer, thank you for having you cooperate with infection prophylaxis of new coronavirus.
Because opening and shutting of window in highway travel is dangerous even to vehicle which is available for opening and shutting of window, we perform by air conditioning about ventilation in the car and, about highway bus which we operate, always run with fresh air introduction fixation mode. The system is usually such that air in the car is replaced in around five minutes.
In addition, we carry out the inside of car disinfection every end of wearing shop one service of mask of crew, setting of antiseptic solution to the inside of car as other approaches.

It is explanation photographs from fresh air introduction to exhaust as follows.

Publication Sun 2020/06/12

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