About infectious disease prophylaxis in us

Update Sun: 2020/Friday, August 7

 Thank you very much for always using Chugoku JR Bus.
 Our company takes the following infection precaution so that customer can use bus in peace. In addition, for the purpose of quick correspondence at the time of prevention and outbreak of infection spread, we set up task force in the head office.

[physical condition management of employee]
  We order enforcement of hand-washing, gargle to all employees.
  Crew and teller employee are doing correspondence that they wear mask for prevention of infection.
  We measure temperature at the time of before boarding and duty start and carry out confirmation of health condition and decide to take measures not to let duty take when it was judged that we have difficulty.

[setting such as antiseptic solution]
  We install alcohol for finger disinfection which customer can use for bus ticket sale place and the bus inside of car.
  We distribute wet tissue to customer of the use in high-speed line of seat reservation system.

[service vehicle]
  We perform construction of antibacterial antivirus processing sequentially in the bus inside of car.
  We sterilize handrail and strap, seat, curtain appropriately in point where customer touches frequently including the service middle.
  Bus inside of car air conditioning operating goes by driving of ventilation fan or fresh air introduction as much as possible. Air is almost replaced within five minutes.
  We install transparent plastic curtain for reduction near bus driver's seat at contact opportunity.
  We stop distribution of blanket for the time being about high-speed line of seat reservation system.
  We ask for loading and unloading in you about baggage in trunk.

  We were doing with sale only for seat by the window regardless of three lines, four lines of vehicles about high-speed line of seat reservation system, but sell all seats sequentially from line that construction of antivirus processing more antibacterial than service service completed on August 7.
  ※Other companies service service may vary in the handling.

Announcement in the car

Driver's seat vinyl curtain①
Driver's seat vinyl curtain (general line)

Driver's seat vinyl curtain②
Driver's seat vinyl curtain (high-speed line)

Antibacterially process
The construction situation of antibacterial antivirus processing

The construction situation of antibacterial antivirus processing

To customer that trip is canceled by new coronavirus infectious disease

Update Sun: 2020/Friday, June 26

 We refund when we will declare to person in charge of Chugoku JR Bus ticket sale Bus ticket counter about customer that trip is canceled by the reason of new coronavirus infectious disease without having fee about making a reservation until August 6, 2020 (ride Sun standard).
 There are ticket and "JTBHTA" and ticket which there is not the handling of refund in our Bus ticket counter partly including listed ticket which he/she purchased in sale site (, Rakuten Travel) and travel agency (JTB, NTA) except Japan Expressway Bus Net, Japan Bus Online. In addition, please be careful as you refund from the Internet by yourself and take fee when operated.
 When you contact rate storing representation company about customer of convenience store payment, refund fee and desk work fee incur separately.

Chugoku JR Bus customer center TEL: 0570-010-666 (year round)